Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gueridon Service

There are three types of gueridon service.  Simple gueridon service, Russian gueridon service and French gueridon service.

I will explain, but this service requires a service trolley on wheels which has at least one heating element with a gas burner source.  A flame burner is important for flambe.  This is the "gueridon".

Simple gueridon service is just using the gueridon as a tray stand.  Platted food is brought out from the kitchen and placed on the gueridon next to the table being served.  The service is from the right.  If there is a food cover or cloche, then these are removed at the same time only after the entire table is served.

Russian gueridon service uses the gueridon to keep the food warm.  The gueridon is moved near the table to be served and the gas is lit.  Heatable stainless steal platters are brought out from the kitchen with food for the service as well as heated plates.  The server presents the platters to the host from the right for approval and once approved then proceeds to plate the food on the gueridon with similar prosition of protien and vegetables.  Then the plated food is served from the right.  Remaining food is kept on the gueridon for second helpings over a low flame to keep warm.

French gueridon service is the most attractive and requires the most knowledge and abilities to perform.
This type of service can include carving, de-boning, cooking and flambeing or finishing and dressing.

Much skill is required with this traditional french cousine service, but most of this is considered old school.  Although the essence of French gueridon is romantic and still is used to enhance the dining experience as it provides a show and even drama with potential explosions for fire.

Here as in all gueridon service the gueridon is brought to the table side for the service.  The service can be varied as mentioned above.  The gueridon is stocked with the essencial ingredients and equipment for the service required.  This is called the "mis-en-place".  The plates could be either heated or cool depending on the food to be served.  The server could be making a caesar salad.  First making the dressing from scratch.  Adding the romaine and finishing it off with the bacon and croutons.  Then there could be a pepper steak which needs to be cooked 1/4 more to the desired colour (rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, or well done) and flambeed, then the sauce is made after the steak is off the pan and nappeed on to the steak.  Desert is also made this way with cherries jubilee or crepe suzette which are both flambeed.  The customer is served on the right after the show-boating skills of the server.

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