Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Platter Service

There are 2 basic platter type service.  The English platter service (also known as Silver Service) and French platter service (also known as Butler Service).  Both require a heated plate placed on the table in front of the customer.  In both cases the host is presented a platter of food for approval from the right side.  Once approval is made the guests are served from the left.  The only difference is the English platter service is the food is served and plated by the server using service gear for the customer, but with the French platter service the customer uses service gear to self serve what they want of the platter.

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  1. English service derives from the custom of the gentry to give Sunday nights off to most of the staff. Thus they served themselves when the butler held the tray. In France, the server always removes the food from the tray to the plate.